There are about 5 days left before the Mother’s Day 2019 rolls around, and you have no idea what you can do to grow sales for your store on this occasion? Don’t worry because you’re in the right place.

Mother’s Day is the third largest retail holiday in the U.S. This year, Americans are expected to spend a record $25b, compared to $23.1b in 2018, to appreciate their mothers and other women in their lives. A total of 84% of U.S adults started to folk out in Mother’s day 2019.

All things considered, this is a holiday that can’t be missed!

Today, we’ll walk you through 8 crazy good Mother’s Day marketing ideas that you can do in less than 1 hour to skyrocket your sales. These work like bonkers.

Let’s dive in.

4 Mother’s Day marketing ideas to sold out in three days

1. Run special Mother’s Day promotions

You may run promotion campaigns in every Easter Day, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, etc. For Mother’s Day, you should do that too.

By giving out something for free, you can increase customer retention and attract many new shoppers to your store. However, you don’t need to offer a fancy car or a house. A discount, promo code, free or upgraded shipping, or free gift is a great bait.

A common way to run Mother’s Day promotions is creating a coupon exclusively for this occasion. The coupon can offer a discount on selected items or storewide discounts during the promotion.

Mother’s Day 2019 Marketing Ideas

Source: Peoples

Or, offer a free special Mother’s Day gift for shoppers when they purchase something on your store. Oftentimes, eCommerce store owners will give away roses, carnations, bracelets, or skin care products.

Mother’s Day 2019 Marketing Ideas

Source: Pandora

In case you want to run a Mother’s Day promotion in a different way, we recommend you try free gift-wrapping. Why? Because for some, they don’t have time to wrap a gift. Others may find it difficult to make it nice. So, if you can offer gift-wrapping for free, your potential customers will possibly jump into your store immediately.

Mother’s Day 2019 Marketing Ideas

Source: Glossense

2. Put together a gift guide

Let’s face it. Every year, when Mother’s Day comes, we struggle with finding the perfect gift for our moms. “What should I buy?”, “What does my mother like?”, “Should I buy a scarf or a bottle of perfume for her?”, “Will she like it?”, etc. These same questions may come into our heads year by year.

That’s why if you can give shoppers a hand finding something special to buy for their moms, you the man!

After doing a bunch of research, we’ve learned that creating a Mother’s Day gift guide is a smart move. We encourage you to do this because it’ll benefit you a lot.

Why? Because while doing so, you can help shoppers take the stress out of shopping and make it easier for them to celebrate their mom. For example, if mom loves yoga, suggest buying a custom yoga mat with her name printed on it. Or, if mom is an author, she’ll like to receive a book or a Kindle as a gift.

To create a perfect Mother’s Day gift guide, bear these in mind:

#1. A gift guide should target different mom personas. A yoga lover, a teacher, a home cooker, a gardener are considerably different in terms of personality, interests, etc. It’s better to provide gift ideas for each type like Goop did.

Mother’s Day 2019 Marketing Ideas

#2. Gift guides can be in different forms, such as an infographic, a blog post, or an image. Choose any format you want, just make sure it’s well-designed.

#3. Write a compelling guide copy that converts, not just tell. Use sensory words to make shoppers see, hear, smell, taste, or feel your words, which can get them to take action. Regarding this, Buyagift is the master.

Mother’s Day 2019 Marketing Ideas

#4. Be sure to include both affordable and luxurious items to appeal to shoppers with different price ranges.

Mother’s Day 2019 Marketing Ideas

Source: Crate & Barrel

Kipling takes their gift guide to the next level with “I got it from my momma” advice. On this page, they show up all of the gift advice from mothers of their employees, along with real images. They even created a compelling video and show it at the bottom of the page. Such a smart strategy!

Mother’s Day 2019 Marketing Ideas

3. Show gentle reminders for Mother’s Day

For many busy individuals, they often forget about key holidays or dates until the day arrives. Thus, it’s clever to use popup to remind shoppers of the Mother’s Day when they add an item to their cart or tend to leave your store without buying. This is also good to subtly direct shoppers to make additional gift purchases while going their normal shopping.

Mother’s Day 2019 Marketing Ideas

Source: Contact Pigeon

To create a popup reminder, you can use tools like SiteKit. Simple design your popup and set it to appear at the time you want. The best part is SiteKit allows you to create a win wheel popup which invites shoppers to join a spin-to-win game. Cool, right?

4. Bundle offers

Product bundling is all about offering a group of products together at a single discounted price. This makes customer perceive that they’re getting a much better deal and thus decide to buy, which helps increase your average order value.

For Mother’s Day, you can create upsell or cross-sell bundles, depending on your goals. Here is an example.  

Mother’s Day 2019 Marketing Ideas

Source: Oozlife

You can use Boost Sales to create bundle offers. It’s easy to install and work with.

4 Mother’s Day giveaway ideas that attract shoppers most

If you’re a fan of contests, here are some best ideas can try out right now. The key to success is getting both moms and kids involved.

1. Share Mother’s Day selfies, photo and video contest

Most of the time, people love to share moments with their mamas on social media. To get the most out of this, it’s great to run a photo contest.

Look at @cosbellus’s photo contest. To take part, followers just had to share a selfie of their mother, or someone who is like a mom to them, or a photo of them and their kids. Three winners would receive a snow cream, a facial oil serum, and other skin protection items to celebrate Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day 2019 Marketing Ideas

If your followers are especially engaged, then you could challenge them to a video contest. Ask them to capture a video for their moms or their kids, then share the video including the hashtag you’ve created. Venus et Fleur did this successfully:

Mother’s Day 2019 Marketing Ideas

Venus et Fleur asked followers to submit a video detailing why their mother deserves a VeF arrangement. The most creative video wins a large VeF arrangement in the rose color of their choice. This is a small but vital move many companies forget to do.

2. Create a ‘What kind of mom are you?’ quiz

Have you ever joined a “personality” quiz yet? If you have, you’ll know that it’s fun and share-worthy. So, you should consider creating a Mother’s Day quiz and invite shoppers to join. Look at Safe Sleep and see how they did this.

Mother’s Day 2019 Marketing Ideas

On their store, Safe Sleep announced their Mother’s Day giveaway with compelling copy. They also showed the real images of the gift that the winner would receive. If you scroll down the page, you’ll see a What Kind of Mom Are You quiz with 10 questions.

Mother’s Day 2019 Marketing Ideas

Those questions are in the form of checkboxes and true/false. When shoppers finished the quiz, they would have to enter their email to submit their answers. It’s as simple as that.

A key takeaway is when you create a quiz, remember not to ask shoppers to write answers. They don’t have time, rather, don’t want to type anything. The best practice is to try the same quiz as above, that is, just include checkbox and/or true/false questions. Also, make sure it’s enough simple and relevant to most of your potential customers.

3. Conduct a poll of moms

A poll doesn’t have to be serious at all. Just ask a question like “What do you love most about being a mom?”, “What is the best Mother’s Day gift you ever received?”, “What is the best gift your Mother ever gave to you?”, “What is the best breakfast your mom made for you?”, or some funny questions like “What is the weirdest thing your kids asked to have?”, “How many times have your kids thrown upon you?”

Below is a typical example from @chi2house. They made an Instagram Story poll for Mother’s Day 2019, and the result is good.    

Mother’s Day 2019 Marketing Ideas

To create a poll like this on Instagram, you can use the Poll sticker icon in the sticker list. Everything will then be done in seconds.

Mother’s Day 2019 Marketing Ideas

Besides Instagram, you can easily create a poll of moms on Facebook or Twitter as well.

4. Collect messages, stories, and memories

As we celebrate our moms on Mother’s Day, it’s a time to reflect on our relationships. This occasion brings up powerful emotions and memories for most of us.

So, another idea for your Mother’s Day 2019 giveaway is a heartfelt writing contest. For example, in this quick contest from @hand_letttered, followers had to explain why they love their mother. The participant will win prizes like “blessed mama” shirt, 4 assorted greeting cards, a pair of earrings, etc. – perfect for Mother’s Day gifts.

Mother’s Day 2019 Marketing Ideas

To increase the challenge of your contest, you can ask your followers to use ONE WORD to describe their mom. It’s so hard to describe your great mom in only one word, right? That’s why this idea will get several followers to join your contest.

Over to you

Mother’s Day is a special day for moms around the world. From now on, you have 5 DAYS LEFT before this day comes. Take action right now to grow your sales.

Don’t forget to make use of 8 tactics above to make your Mother’s Day 2019 marketing campaign go off without a hitch. In case you have any other idea, feel free to share with us in the comment section.

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