SiteKit data promise


Data, privacy, and security are important to us and each is paramount to the success of our business. So is transparency. That is why we are putting out this document which aims to serve as a clear, transparent and easily digestible summary of SiteKit’s long standing policies with respect to data privacy and protection. Consider this our promise to our users, their customers and our community.

In many cases, using SiteKit means that you’re collecting customer or prospect contact information, other personally identifiable information, as well as website visitor data derived from the SiteKit platform that is instrumental to your business. And we take the responsibility of handling that data very seriously.

Regardless of which SiteKit plan you subscribe to, SiteKit, has not, does not, and will not ever:
• Sell or share your customer email addresses, subscribers, or any other personally identifiable information that your customers provide you with at sign up.
• Send emails or otherwise contact your customers or subscribers without your consent, for any purpose.
• Display any third party ads on your website without your approval.

This has always been the case as outlined in our Privacy Policy, and we are committed to making sure that only you control where and how the emails and other information you collect are exported from the SiteKit platform, if you choose to do so. Furthermore, because we are not selling, sharing or using these emails, your customers and contacts will not receive unwarranted emails from SiteKit, or any service providers, advertisers, or other third parties.

What information do we share?

If you are subscribed to a paid plan with SiteKit, none (and we mean NONE) of the information that you collect about your customers and prospects is shared with third parties. This information is stored securely within the SiteKit platform only for your use. The only partner scripts that load on paid accounts are ReCaptcha related, to aid in the prevention against spam and bot driven form submissions.

If you are a user on a free plan with SiteKit, we may introduce cookies from our partners which collect completely anonymous and non-personally identifiable information about visitors to your site. And as of October 26th, 2018, even on the free plan, we will never introduce partner cookies for visitors on your site coming from the European Union. To reiterate, even for users on a free plan with SiteKit, under no circumstances does SiteKit share or sell the email addresses or any other personally identifiable information that is provided to you at sign up, or use your customers’ email addresses for sending emails without your consent.

What is a “cookie” and what information does it collect?

A "cookie" is a small text file placed on your visitors’ computer or mobile device hard drive by a website’s server. Cookies are used to collect and send information about your customers’ website visits – for example, number of visits, average time spent, pages viewed, referral website links, navigation history through the website and other anonymous, de-identified statistics.
Why does SiteKit introduce partner cookies on free accounts?

Unlike most other vendors in the marketing category, we are committed to offering a robust always free plan to our users, not just a free trial period. With over 200,000 active free users, SiteKit has managed to build a community of small and medium sized businesses that, through the SiteKit platform, now have tools they have never had before, allowing our users to grow their businesses and drive revenue without the need to ever pay SiteKit for its services.

Our data partner relationships allow us to subsidize these free services, offer live support for the SiteKit platform for free users, and continuously innovate on the tools which help small and medium sized businesses like yours grow around the world.


At SiteKit, we are dedicated to earning and keeping your trust as you let us help you grow your business. Our goal is to make it easy for you to understand your privacy choices and we are fully committed to providing the data privacy and security that you and your customers expect.

As we strive to maintain the highest standards of security and transparency, we welcome your feedback, comments, and questions at [email protected].