SiteKit is a powerful Sumo alternative that helps businesses grow their email lists like never before. Keep reading to learn why thousands of website owners choose SiteKit as a perfect Sumo alternative (and you should too).

Sumo vs SiteKit - Sumo alternatives

Get started right away with zero budget

Unlike other email opt-in tools, we empower small and medium-sized businesses. Trust us! We were on the same boat as well. That why SiteKit goes with a free plan, which allows users to create as many header bars and popups as they want. There is also no limit to the number of impressions and clicks of your opt-in forms.

SiteKit Popups - Sumo alternatives

A popup created with the free plan of SiteKit

Besides, you don’t have to pay a dime to remove the SiteKit logo from your opt-in forms like with Sumo. Therefore, SiteKit is surely one of the best Sumo alternatives for your business in 2019.

Gamified Popups – Enhance customer experience with gamification

Win Wheel from SiteKit invites shoppers to play a game right on your website. It displays interacting popups to encourage website visitors to leave their emails, in order to get a chance to win dozens of irresistible discounts.

When customers think the coupon codes are hard earned and scarce, chances are they will use them to make purchases instantly.

SiteKit Mobile - Best Sumo Alternatives

An experiment shows that using gamified popups can instantly boost your email list by 131%, while conversion rates with popup gamification by SiteKit can reach 9%, which is 3 times better than other traditional email popups.

Target the right customers at the right time

With its variety of advanced targeting options, SiteKit allows customers to target website visitors based on their behavior in order not to disrupt their shopping flow.

You can freely choose to show your campaigns to new visitors or return ones, display opt-in forms based on the percentage of page scrolling, or use exit-intent technology to win about-to-leave customers back.

Smartbar header collection - SiteKit Sumo alternatives

Header bar Collections of SiteKit

Having all of the current SumoMonster features (and even more), SiteKit is surely a perfect Sumo alternative this 2019.

Work seamlessly on any websites and devices

No matter what platform you are working with, SiteKit is always ready to get started. Just sign up for an account, insert the snippet code to your site and you are good to go.

platform SiteKit - Sumo alternatives 2019

If you are working on Shopify, switching to SiteKit is a no-brainer. Why? Just see the image below. SiteKit clearly outperforms Sumo in terms of star ratings as well as the number of good reviews.

Sumo vs SiteKit - Sumo alternatives

In addition, all of the opt-in form created by SiteKit are mobile-friendly to make sure you don’t miss any potential customer.

SiteKit Popup Gamification - Sumo alternative

Seamless integration with your favorite email services

SiteKit can be seamlessly integrated with the most major email service providers such as Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, Zapier or Constant Contact.

Sitekit integration - The Best Sumo Alternatives 2019

Get help from 5-star customer support

We always put our customers first. Ensuring all of our customers are happy is always our #1 priority during 12 years in building tools for website owners.

Our top-notch customer support team is available 24/7, promised to help you get the most out of the app. Free of charge.

Sitekit integration - The Best Sumo Alternatives 2019


You have found out what makes SiteKit the best Sumo alternative in 2019. SiteKit is also the user-friendly alternative to Hello Bar, Privy, and OptinMonster.

The only thing for you to do now is:

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