Hello folk!

Easter is just around the corner. How have you been preparing for this holiday weekend?

Well, many store owners may think of Easter as a golden opportunity for candy shops only. But it doesn’t have to be like this. Take this chance to run smart promotions and boost your sales! You can gain surprisingly racing revenue to overcome the blue sales slump!

Our team at SiteKit has prepared some Easter theme to bring the holiday look and feel to your stores. Let’s check them out:

1. Happy Easter Day theme

Looking for more subscribers (and sales)? Just use this theme to ask customers to leave their email list and get a coupon code!

2. Easter sale up to 80% theme

Having a Flash Sales on your store? You can use this theme to announce this exciting news to all your customers.

🎉 In case you need some changes, like editing the sales to 50% only, just give us a ping to request personalized customization.

3. Easter 50% sale theme

Remind the customers who are hunting for easters eggs of your sweet discounts. This colorful theme will surely catch their attention and bring you a boost in holiday sales.

4. Elegant easter egg theme

If you are selling adorable things, this cute popup layout is perfect for you.

5. Easter egg

Looking for subtle color? This pastel colored theme would fit your store design.

That’s it! So if you are as excited about these themes as we are, then don’t hesitate to contact us to get the templates for FREE!

And of course, don’t forget that we are willing to help you customize these themes to better fit your campaign. All you have to do is just reaching out.

Happy Easter!

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