Think you’re the only one fighting with growth for your eCommerce business? Katherine, the founder & CEO at, started out in early 2018 quite desperately as she couldn’t figure it how to grow her subscriber list, thus losing thousands of potential sales from visitors who abandoned her store leaving no trace.

What happened in early 2019, however, was somewhat amazing. In the last 2 weeks of January 2019, Katherine managed to boost her email list by 34,899 new subscribers, making a record of $250,512 in sales generated in a 2-week span.

Curious how she did it and want to replicate the same success for your eCommerce store? We asked Katherine to share her secret sauce and put it down here for you to suck in. sells accessories and convenient stuff to make the life of dog lovers easier. One of the store’s key products is the “Magic Grooming Glove”, which she advertised as minimizing fur shedding to help keep your house clean while giving your pet a relaxing massage.

In the first place, Katherine invested quite a lot into Ads to drive traffic into the Magic Grooming Glove product page, but the conversion was terribly 0.76%! The majority of her traffic fled after less than 6 seconds on the page.

Katherine figured out that 97% of her visitors either left the product page without any single action or abandoned their cart right before checkout. They saw the ads, got converted to the page, and even added the product to cart, which means they had an interest in the product, so why did they still leave?

Trust, plus a little motivation, was what’s lacked here. Katherine decided to build an exit-intent popup that appeared right when customers were about to leave the site without checking out. On her popup, Katherine put an excellent social proof “We have sold 15,384+ Magic Grooming Gloves to cat & dog lovers worldwide.”, to build trust in her offerings. To give customers a little more push, she gave away 15% coupon on the order in exchange for customers’ email addresses, so she could keep in touch and nurture them via email.

exit-intent popup

This one popup reached 193,423 impressions and resulted in 34,899 email conversions. The average SiteKit popup converts at 11.76%, yet this popup had an 18.1% conversion rate, thanks to the trust signal and the 15% off incentive Katherine added to it.

popup report

Captured emails were stored in SiteKit’s subscriber list, then automatically synced into Katherine’s MailChimp (that she integrated in advance) for drip campaigns she set up there.

MailChimp integration

35% of those who viewed the exit-intent popup was actually converted right on the site. For those who didn’t, Katherine set up a 3-email series in MailChimp to resend the coupon code and remind the popularity and limited stock of the product, until they got converted.

Here’s an engaging email in her drip campaign:

The Magic Grooming Glove has a $30 retail price. At a 15% discount, the exit-intent popup campaign converted 9824 orders that translated to $250,512 in revenue, in just 2 weeks.

If you would like to replicate Katherine’s exit-intent discount popup for your own eCommerce store, get the tool Katherine used to create your own killer popup. It has a free version to start with, and Katherine started it out for free as well.

This tool was created to make building popups that convert as easy as a piece of cake for store owners who don’t even know how to write a single line of code, like Katherine.

Her success could be yours if you get up and get your things done right now. So, are you ready to win big sales like Katherine?

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