We can’t count how many times we’ve heard this, “how do I get more email subscribers?”.

Is it too difficult to get someone to sign up for a website?

Nope. We’re sure it’s not!

Why? Because there are many other store owners out there who are acquiring hundreds (if not thousands) of subscribers every day.

Do they use any magical trick to get that amount?

Of course, the answer is NO! But, what makes them different is their perspective. They know exactly what their potential customers want, and then design signup forms in a way which entices them most.

In today’s article, we’ll show you 10 best email newsletter signup form examples. Learn from them and steal their tactics to apply for your next optin form. Let’s do this!

1. Yoga Outlet

Yoga Outlet sells a wide collection of yoga products and yoga-inspired ones to all levels of yogis. When you visit their store site, you’ll see a very eye-catching optin form as below:

email newsletter signup

What this popup does well:

  • There is a good contrast between the signup form on the left and the picture of two yogis on the right. This helps draw visitors’ attention to the popup immediately when they visit the site.
  • The picture is well-designed, very stunning, and perfectly aligned with the brand, which can easily capture visitors’ imagination.
  • The popup appears over a lighter colored overlay. The background content is still obscured enough to ensure that the popup is the focal point.

What Yoga Outlet could do to optimize their email popup:

  • Use a more specific call to action (CTA) copy to boost conversions. For example, change ‘Continue’ to ‘Get 10% discount’, ‘Send me my promo code’, etc.
  • The color of CTA button could have more contrast to get more attention.

2. Growth Supply

You may already know the benefit of using social proof in eCommerce marketing. It should be used in creating email newsletter signup forms, too.

Take a look at Growth Supply’s email popup:

email newsletter signup

What Growth Supply does well:

  • Make use of social proof to build trust and encourage visitors to take action. They include the number of their subscribers into the CTA button, instead of mentioning them in the headline and sub-headline.
  • Use graphics to enhance the email popup design and bring a unique visual flair to their signup form design.

What Growth Supply could do to optimize their email popup:

  • Offer an incentive to motivate visitors to opt in.
  • Be clear about what visitors will receive after they enter their email.

3. Caravan Coffee Roasters

Every day, your potential customers may encounter a lot of email newsletter signup forms when they browse the Internet. Most of the time they don’t want to opt in because they have no idea what they’ll receive after doing that. Hence, if you can visually represent your incentive, like this one from Caravan Coffee Roasters, you’ll have a high chance to get them to subscribe.

email newsletter signup

What Caravan Coffee Roasters does well:

  • The image is well-chosen, which guides visitors’ eyes to the free gift (the man in the image stretches his hands forward like he is giving the bag to others) and provide visual cues about what they can expect if they enter their email.   
  • They list out all of the three bags a visitor can receive: a coffee bag, a signed cookbook, or a tote bag. This helps reinforce the idea that a cute-looking bag is just a click away.

What Caravan Coffee Roasters could do to optimize their email popup:

  • The CTA copy is very general (if not, boring). It could be replaced with something more specific and compelling, like ‘Get my free bag’ or ‘Give me my bag’.
  • Add a condition like ‘This gift is only for new subscribers’ to encourage new visitors to opt in.

4. JoJo Maman Bébé

A good tactic to give your audience some control with their email opt-in is to allow them to choose what content from you they want to receive, and what they don’t want. JoJo Maman BéBé is a master of doing this.

email newsletter signup

What JoJo Maman BéBé does well:

  • Incorporate some tick box options into their popup. So, their visitors can control over their subscription. The design is very simple and to the point.
  • Match the popup with website design and company branding.

What JoJo Maman BéBé could do to optimize their email popup:

  • A/B test different colors for text and CTA button.
  • Include a countdown timer to add some urgency.
  • Try a different theme for the popup.

5. Concrete Minerals

Like many other eCommerce stores, Concrete Minerals also gives away a coupon to new subscribers. Besides, they offer an additional gift (a free simple) to attract more subscribers.

email newsletter signup

What Concrete Minerals does well:

  • Offer a big incentive. Anyone who signs up for Concrete Minerals’ newsletter will receive a 15$ discount offer and a bonus free sample.
  • Impactful CTA button. Instead of something boring like ‘Subscribe’, the brand uses ‘View my code’ to remind visitors what’s in it for them.
  • The color of the CTA button has a high contrast level.

What Concrete Minerals could do to optimize their email popup:

  • Create a win-wheel popup to invite visitors to join a spin-to-win game.
  • A/B test the background of the popup.
  • Use some visual cues to give visitors a preview of what they’ll get after signing up.

6. Liquor Barn

In general, games are hard to resist because they’re fun and exciting. They also make us feel good and bring us a sense of achievement. That’s why if you can integrate some gamification elements to your popup, you can win over your visitors.

Let’s see how Liquor Barn – a brand selling beer and wine – does this.

email newsletter signup

What Concrete Minerals does well:

  • Use a win-wheel popup to provide their visitors with a new, fun, and interactive experience. When visitors arrive at their site, they can spin the wheel for a chance to win a certain prize.
  • A unique and specific CTA button copy: Spin to Win.
  • The popup background matches with the theme of the company site.

What Concrete Minerals could do to optimize their email popup:

  • Change the color of the CTA button.
  • A/B test other differents prize instead of offering discounts only. For example, free shipping, free gift, etc.
  • Add a countdown timer to encourage visitors to join the game.

Create a win-wheel popup for your website right now

7. SoYoung

As said earlier, people feel satisfied when they win something. Apart from designing a win-wheel popup, you can give your visitors this emotion by running a contest. Take a look at SoYoung’s signup form to see how the brand applies this tactic.

email newsletter signup

What SoYoung does well:

  • Create a contest overlay which invites potential customers to enter their email to join. They did a good job of showing real pictures of rewards.
  • At first, they don’t ask the email. Instead, they give visitors two options to join. If someone clicks Yes, they’ll see the second popup where they have to enter their email for a chance to win.
  • The ‘Yes, I want to enter’ button has a higher contrast than the ‘No, I don’t’ want a chance to win’. Such a smart strategy!

What SoYoung could do to optimize their email popup:

  • Add a “gift countdown” showing “there is only one gift left” to push visitors to take action quickly.
  • Turn the contest popup into a win-wheel popup and then A/B test.

8. Taylor Stich

When you land on Taylor Stich’s site, you’ll see a full-screen call to action displayed:

What Taylor Stich does well:

  • Use a welcome mat to create a high-converting popup. Visitors have an option to get straight to the store by simply scrolling down the welcome mat.
  • Offer the alternative of social login. Visitors can subscribe to Taylor Stich’s newsletter by using their email or Facebook account.

What Taylor Stich could do to optimize their email popup:

  • Include the brand logo on the welcome mat to build brand awareness.
  • A/B test different colors for the CTA button.
  • Change the background. Make sure it conveys some meaning and triggers emotions.

9. Helm Boots

Minimalism is a big trend in the design industry, and this includes signup forms. Minimalism isn’t merely defined as a simple, empty design, but rather a design that has the right amount of elements in it to keep it functional and beautiful.

Let’s see how Helm Boots applies minimalism into designing their email popup.

email newsletter signup

What Helm Boots does well:

  • Limit the number of elements on the popup design, just including a 5-word headline, a line to enter email, a CTA button, and a logo. This helps put the focus on obtaining one input: the email address.
  • Use only two high-contrasting colors, making the popup clean and intuitive.

What Helm Boots could do to optimize their email popup:

  • Add a sub-headline that this offer is only available for new subscribers.
  • A/B test different offers and CTA button copies.  
  • Very minimalistic design to put the focus on obtaining one input: the email address.

10. Nice Laundry

And, the last is an email popup from Nice Laundry.

email newsletter signup

What Nice Laundry does well:

  • Use a strong CTA copy. The copy includes two words that are known for driving conversions: Get and Free.
  • Give away two attractive offers, especially free shipping.
  • Show limited visitors, ‘For new customer only’. This makes new customers feel they’re special.

What Nice Laundry could do to optimize their email popup:

  • A/B test different colors for the background and CTA button.
  • Add some pictures to visualize the offers.
  • Add a countdown timer to create some urgency.

Bonus: Muves

Unlike 10 websites above, Muves shows their optin form differently. When you visit Muves’ site, you’ll see a bar at the top of the page where you enter your email to claim an offer.

email newsletter signup

SiteKit has a facility to help you create a form like this called Smart bar. It’s super easy and quick to work with.

When you decide to create a smart bar, remember these:

  • A smart bar can easily be missed, so make sure it has an eye-catching color that contrasts the rest of the colors on your page.
  • You can’t use other conversion techniques (e.g, adding an image) in a smart bar. So, make sure your offer is attractive and your CTA is strong.
  • Pair your smart bar with a pop-up to maximize the number of emails you can get.

Over to you

Now you’ve known 10 email newsletter signup forms that have worked for all kinds of websites. You may already have some inspiration for your next email popups.

If you’re still stuck in creating an email signup form, read this: 13 Surefire Strategies for List Building that 85% of Your Competitors Aren’t Using (+ Real Examples).

If you’re ready to create something in your own, use this tool to get started. It’s free and easy to use, no coding skills required.

Email has the highest ROI. But that doesn’t matter if you don’t have any email subscriber at first.

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