Looking for a quick and easy way to create an announcement bar for your Christmas campaigns?

This blog post is just for you.

A header bar is dealt for capturing leads without disrupting customers’ attention from your site content (unlike those pop-ups)! And putting one on your website is pretty much simple. Just spend 10 minutes with SiteKit – a free app to create smart notification bars, then you will have a beautiful lead-capture bar sticky on your site.

Today, we are going to guide you through how to spice up your header bar with holiday theme design, content, and irresistible offers for your Christmas campaigns.

Just in case you are unfamiliar with Smart Bar

Smart Bar from SiteKit is an announcement bar that stays sticky on top of your page. The bar is highly visible with the most important information of your site. Hence they work best in capturing qualified leads or just shouting out some exciting announcements!

Just implement your site with Smart Bar and soon enough you will notice a boost in the conversion rates!


How to create a merry announcement bar to rock your Christmas campaigns

1. Light up your site with Christmas design

The Smart Bars are no mere decoration, but yes, they are such eye-candies for your websites. We often suggest customers customize their bar design following the color of their site theme. However, it is the holiday season! Why don’t you spice up the bars with a more Christmassy scheme?

Red and green are the basic combination but they are best at bringing out the holiday spirit of your store. This simple design welcomes your customers while reminding them of this warm-hearted event.

Annoucement bar with red and green color scheme for Christmas campaign

Beeketing chose a green background with an inviting red button for their Christmas campaign.

However, if you want to glam things up, choose yellow as the resemblance of gold. This bright color stands for enlightenment, happiness, and positivity. There you could inspire your customers with such a festive spirit.

Quick tip: Add some patterns to the bars. They are such an artistic touch without distracting the customers like those complicated design details. Of course, the look of your bar is important, but remember it’d be best to draw customers’ attention to your content.

Choose patterns of the announcement bar

With SiteKit, you have 15 different patterns to decorate your announcement bars.

2. Encourage customers to take actions with powerful messages

You all must have heard of the saying “content is king”. Yes! The beautiful design is exceptional but it is crucial to fill your bar with meaningful messages that convert instead! It all depends on your business and objectives that you could come up with different ideas to engage visitors, and of course, inspire them to take action! In Christmas, just a little touch on the wording could make much difference.

Take a look at the list of holiday-themed words below:

Awesome Amazing Angel Active
Breathtaking Blissful Commemorating Christmastide
Celebrate Chill Dazzling Enjoyable
Exchange Exciting Family Fabulous
Feast Festive Goodwill Greetings
Happy Holiday Holly Hope
Hug Interesting Jolly Joyful
Lights Love Magical Merry
Nice Original Relaxing Receive
Rejoice Santa Claus Stunning Snowy
Surprise Sparkling Terrific Unwrap
Wish Wonderful Wrap Warmhearted

In case you are looking out for powerful words to amp up sales, check out this list of 400+ conversion words.

Quick tip: Do you know emojis lead up to 47% more interactions of your content? You could start with a friendly smile to create great impressions on your Smart Bars 🙂

Add emoji to Smart Bar to create better impression

You could choose from hundreds of emojis to add to your message or click button.

3. Irresistible offers to promote your Christmas campaigns

Just shout out some important announcements with Smart Bar if it is enough for you. However, please don’t forget that this tool has a powerful email opt-in form that could help you convert more qualified leads. If you want to join our journey to get contacts of potential customers, consider these ideas.

A special coupon code

If you happen to be an eCommerce merchant, then a coupon code is the best way to attract shoppers’ interest in your store. This trick works extra well with first-time comers who are not regular customers.

Get better conversion rates by offering coupon codes on announcement bars

Pipcorn offered 20% off code for their Christmas campaign.

This kind of offer is pretty simple to create.

First, choose the Goal to Collect Emails when you start a new campaign. With this goal, you will have a beautiful email opt-in form on top of your page.

Then you are free to edit the Design, Settings, and Targeting of the bars. When you are done, move on to Conversion. This section allows you to customize the messages customers see after their email submission.

Now choose Show custom message, and feel free to add your coupon codes in the text.

Save and publish.

Then voilà, now you could give out special coupon codes to customers after they submit their emails.

The Smart Bar reveals coupon code after customers submit emails

Free resources on Christmas

If coupon codes do not work for you, then the best way to collect emails is to offer them some valuable resources instead. Any type of content could work, as long as you ensure that your eBooks, infographics or cheat sheets satisfy the customers’ demand. There is no one-size-fits-all for any business, hence make sure to invest time in producing insightful materials.

When you have that fabulous piece of content, now it’s time to share it with the world. You could create a landing page and direct traffic to it with a click-button in Smart Bar. However, now I tell you a better idea, why don’t we create an email opt-in instead?

Create a download form on announcement bar

Wholesome Yum offered their eBook with a header bar

You can encourage customers to sign-up and receive your resources instantly. The method is, in fact, pretty much similar to the coupon code case. After you have done customizing the design and content of the bar, go to Conversion to choose Redirect the visitor to URL.

There you put the download link of your resources.

Save and publish!

Now you have a beautiful announcement bar on site with a one-step download opt-in.

Of course, if your niche services are non-familiar with new customers and you need a landing page to persuade them better, feel free to stay with the Target a URL goal. This goal allows you to create a click-button that directs traffic to your desired page.

Quick tip: You can choose the target of Smart Bar to appear at specific pages only. Hence you are free to create various campaigns with different messages to engage customers depending on what pages they land on.

Choose specific pages to display Smart Bar

You could add up to 10 pages to display Smart Bar.

Are you ready to rock this Christmas?

Christmas is an amazing time for brand building and sales conversion. However, you don’t need to work your ass off for this holiday event. Enjoy your days with family and friends. You just need 15 minutes to set up SiteKit’s Smart Bar and see the magic happen.

If you happen not to have SiteKit on your site yet:


Merry Christmas!

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